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You just invested in the world’s best point-of-sale software solution. You are now well on your way to digitizing all your business records and storing them in the cloud.

Think of all the things you could do with all the time you’ll free up when you’re no longer looking for pieces of paper scattered all across your desk!

Immediately, you will be able to:

 - Spend more time with your family & friends
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You should be thrilled about your decision to ‘go digital’ with PoodlePay! Well done.

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In year 2016, 1 in 5 small business owners still rely on the 
traditional pen-and-paper method for all their records…

Want to have the ability to resell PoodlePay! and
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Today, you have the opportunity to become an Authorized PoodlePay! Dealer and resell this software (for any price you want) and keep 100% of the profits you earn.

Plus, you won’t have to host your own PoodlePay! software (because it’s already hosted by us).

As an Authorized PoodlePay! Dealer, you will be able to:

 - Sell up to 100 PoodlePay! single-store licenses to individual business owners
 - Add, edit, suspend or terminate single-store licenses that you issue+
 - Charge anywhere from $17/yr all the way up to $997/yr for access to this software
 - Save over $2,000 annually on hosting fees (because the software will be hosted for you)
 - Keep 100% of the profits you generate, because all your dues will have been paid already

Software development is expensive.

During this launch period, we’re offering a MASSIVE discount for early bird reseller opportunists - people just like you - who want to make a huge return on their investment.

PoodlePay! cost over $25,000 to build, but you won’t have to pay anywhere near that amount in order to profit from it like a BOSS.

PoodlePay! is the perfect 
customer relations & accounting app

for all kinds of business owners, including (but not limited to)…

However... developing software isn’t the only expense you have to pay if you want to make money in the online software business.

You see… The hosting + maintenance (VPS or dedi) for this cloud-based web app is going to add a few thousand dollars in extra expenses for you, and this hosting expense will add up FAST.

We pay for hosting for you. But if you were building your own software, you would have to foot that bill.

Then, add in the extra costs of your own domain name… cPanel/WHM license… Security… IT... Etc... And you’ve got MORE bills to pay! UGH!!!

(By the way, this is precisely why so few people enter the software business - it’s NOT cheap!)…

Thanks to this introductory-period offer, you won’t have to pay those exorbitant server & bandwidth fees. And you won’t need to pay for a dedicated cPanel/WHM license, not even your own domain name! We give you everything you need to start making money as an Authorized PoodlePay! Dealer starting today.

You’ve no reason NOT to take advantage of this deal

The sad truth is… the reasons outlined above will keep many people from getting into the software business. Thanks to the deal you’re looking at right now, these ‘reasons’ are simply pathetic excuses for not taking action!

99% of people out there simply don’t have the cash to create their own software, and even if they did, software development is risky. Well, the good news is that today, you can become the 1% of people who enter the software business, because it will cost you just a fraction of what it would normally cost you.

Naturally, when you make an investment into building a product, anxiety creeps in. “What if it doesn’t turn out right? What if it doesn’t sell well?”

Luckily, you won’t have to lose any sleep over such petty headaches, because we did all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you to do what you do best: SELL!

All of these problems have been taken care of, because PoodlePay! has been used by 11,000+ people and they’re madly in love with this web app, so you can be confident that your customers will love it too.


You will receive our professionally designed sales page so you don't even need to know any HTML or CSS to make your sales copy come to life. Using the Instapage web builder software, you'll be able to make any changes you want using a point-and-click 'what you see is what you get' interface.

PLUS - all the sales materials you need to start selling TODAY (valued at over $3,000)





You will receive professionally written sales copy materials, which you can use on your own website right away. Even if English is not your primary language, you will be able to use this sales copy to monetize your investment today, without any delay. If you want to start making big money online, you NEED high converting copy, and that's exactly what you will get when you buy this offer.


You will receive our professional video slides. Simply make the changes you want... Record the video using Camtasia or Quicktime... And your video sales letter is DONE. No video editing skills? No problem. Simply outsource it to Fiverr or another work-from-home site, and a skilled video editor will convert your slides into a video for you, for just a couple of bucks (very very easy to make big $ with a high quality VSL).

Same great 30-day money back guarantee applies

Unable to sell even 1 copy of PoodlePay! to another business owner within 30 days?

No problem. Simply contact us for a full refund.

You’ll be glad you did, because you will receive 100% of your money back.

We’ll simply de-activate your authorized dealer license and your store licenses will be shut down, but at least you can feel comfortable knowing that you have 1 whole month to close a sale.

Retail business owners LOVE this web app!

Become an Authorized PoodlePay! Dealer Today:

Compare that to the actual cost it took to create this software: $25,000!!!

Plus, no need to pay any hosting fees… Domain name registration fees… cPanel/WHM fees… We got you covered!

This software is fully hosted for you and the clients to whom you will resell it. And we guarantee your purchase for 30 days with our no-questions-asked refund policy.


PoodlePay! Point-Of-Sale System - 100-Store Reseller License - 1 Year



1-Year 100-Store Reseller License

3-Year 100-Store Reseller License

PoodlePay! Point-Of-Sale System - 100-Store Reseller License - 3 Years

Yours Truly,

Vas Blagodarskiy

PS: What have you got to lose? With the 30-day money back guarantee in place, you’ve nothing to fear, and everything to expect. If you sell just 1 license to 1 store owner for $97, you will have paid for the entire purchase price due today. If you sell just 2 licenses, you’ve already made a profit! TAKE MASSIVE ACTION TODAY! Don’t delay, order now using one of two buttons above.