This cloud-based software has helped 11,054 small business owners save an average of 11 hours / week on tasks such as:

- tracking sales

- logging inventory

- building financial reports

- managing staff

- and more...

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Did you know?

When you're busy shuffling through papers, searching inside folders, looking for information...

...You're actually WASTING TIME AND MONEY!

Just when you thought your paper clutter was finally organized... You realize, "I'm still bogged down!"

All that downtime quickly adds up to countless hours of:

- LOST productivity

- MISSED sales opportunities

- LATE call-backs

- POOR first impressions

- UNANSWERED customers

- PISSED-OFF coworkers

The truth is, the 'pen and paper' method is NO WAY to run your business. Keep reading...

My family business always relied on the good-old leather bound journal for all our record keeping. Then, one day, we lost a huge contract... Then another. It turns out, we forgot to apply a discount that we promised our client on their bill. This software ensures that this will never happen to us ever again.

- Dan R. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

I never thought about how much time & money I was losing when I allowed paper clutter to take over my desk, then my office, and then... my life! The mess was out of control. Finally, this simple web app has gotten my business organized & back on track to success, with 200% growth already this year!!!

- Lisa S. (Denver, CO)


Our accountant thought their numbers were accurate. When we 'ran her math' through Excel.. we found a $4,000 discrepancy!! With this new browser based software, all our sales are recorded properly and I can finally sleep well at night knowing that my hard earned $$ can never go missing.

- Robert J. (Provo, UT)

- No accounting experience necessary

- This software is very easy to use

- Works on all browsers

PoodlePay! is the perfect 
customer relations & accounting app

for all kinds of business owners, including (but not limited to)

Point. Click. Done!

Perfect for computers,

tablets & smartphones.

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My company fired their old accountant because he couldn't add or subtract (that's the office joke). Then they hired me. Now I do all of their accounting with PoodlePay! I hope I can get a promotion soon! LOL

- Max P. (Newark, NJ)

Join over 11,000 businesses who already use PoodlePay!
to keep accurate records on their inventory, customers and sales
which allow them to focus on what matters most: saving time.

I started making an extra $800/week thanks to all the free time I have now that I'm no longer bogged down by the dreadful pile of papers on my desk. I've 'digitized' everything in just 3 hours. Now I save 8+ hours a week! This is the best investment I made all year.

- Austin M. (New Haven, CT)

Doing math by hand is annoying. I used to do it once a month, at the end of the month, during the last week. Now, all my reports are done automatically, inside PoodlePay! I can finally take a few days off work at the end of the month to see my kids.

- Bob S. (Dewey Beach, DE)

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. I can't thank you enough for helping me find a way to work less, and breathe more. I no longer come home from work stressed out, and it's all thanks to the fact that I no longer deal with 100+ papers on my desk. PoodlePay rocks!!!

- Irma R. (Washington, DC)

I wanted to start a second business, but I kept telling myself, "I don't have enough time!" Using your new software, I was able to free up 10 hours of brainstorming time, and I quickly put together a business proposal and a business plan! Thank you PoodlePay!

- Danny I. (Fairfax, VA)

My online marketing business was struggling, so I considered working with offline businesses. My first client needed a book keeping software. PoodlePay! fit the bill and my client has been loving it for 6 months now.

- Oliver O. (Columbia, SC)

Retail business owners LOVE this web app! If you’re starting a business, or if you already own one, then you NEED …

Do you need to be an ‘accountant’ to use PoodlePay! web app?

Absolutely not!

Simply put… No prior book-keeping experience is necessary.

PoodlePay! helps you save TIME and MONEY on all the stuff you’re used to doing, using the traditional ‘pen and paper’ method (even if you SUCK at using spreadsheets).

By 'going digital,' your business record keeping practices will become more efficient & allow you to spend your time on more productive efforts, like marketing, selling, and making sure your customers are happy (so they return to you over and over again, and recommend you to their friends and family).

1. Add Your Inventory
Never lose track of merchandise ever again

2. Add Your Clients
Have your customers’ information at your fingertips

3. Add Your Sales
Track all your money coming in & out of your business

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 - watch this LIVE demo video:






This is just the tip of the iceberg - PoodlePay! is creating new real-life success stories like these, every single day…

… And you could be next!

PoodlePay! is a PROVEN SOFTWARE + TRAINING designed with small business owners in mind:

I suck at Excel, I don't like complicated accounting / book keeping softwares, and I don't have thousands of dollars a year for a CPA. I finally found the perfect middle ground with your amazing web app.

- Pooja P. (New York, NY)

So, is this:

  • Another ebook? ------------------------------

  • Another video course? --------------------

  • Another case study? -----------------------

  • Another strategy guide? ------------------

  • Another ‘get rick quick’ scheme?  ------

Once I could finally STOP looking for pieces of paper scattered around my desk, I finally STARTED making more sales calls, closing more deals, and taking a fatter paycheck back home to my wife. Thanks, PoodlePay!

- Richard W. (Annapolis, MD)

Back in my grandfather's days, when he first started our family restaurant, manual book keeping was the only way to keep track of money coming in and out. Now, there's PoodlePay! It's so fast and easy, I couldn't believe it.

- Marty S. (Houston, TX)

DISCLAIMER: This is not some push-button, fly-by-night ‘automation tool,’ and it’s not going to ‘make a bazillion dollars overnight.’ This is an advanced accounting & customer relations tool, for SERIOUS BUSINESS PEOPLE ONLY, and it will help you to:

Increase your productivity & boost profits

Save $ on lost merchandise and missed sales

Keeping track of revenues, expenses, inventory & customers is no easy feat.

When you add up all the time you spend shuffling through paperwork (journals… loose leafs… sticky notes…) you waste as much as 30% of your productive time on un-productive tasks!

What if you could have everything in one place?

Well, now you can, with PoodlePay!

Just because every computer has spreadsheets software, does not mean it’s easy to use!

Are you tired of adding up numbers using a calculator and complicated formulas?

Ditch the traditional ‘pen and paper’ method for something more advanced.

PoodlePay! will give you full financial reports based on your exact figures. 

Improve your financial reporting & compliance

- "How much product is left until you have to restock?"

- "Which items should you discontinue?

- "Are my employees stealing from me?"

Questions like these keep many business owners up at night.

When everything is properly recorded, you can rest easy knowing that every penny is accounted for.

You will love PoodlePay! guaranteed or your money back (keep scrolling)…

Interesting turn of events! Now that I spend less time on book keeping, I get to spend my extra time taking classes at the local community college. This software really helped me get an edge in business and school. Thank you PoodlePay team!

- Irving R. (Los Angeles, CA)

Where was this software before?! One of my stores went out of business because money was un-accounted for... I still don't know who was responsible... Now that all my financial data is in the cloud, I can manage all my stores from the web, 24/7.

- Arthur H. (Baltimore, MD)

We run gas stations. Our inventory is very simple. But we used to keep track of re-orders 'by hand.' A lot of times, items would be out of stock for weeks, and customers would get pissed off. Now, our employees stress out less over customer service.

- Jimmy E. (Seattle, WA)

WOW! This is the best accounting software I've ever used! Very simple and effective, and I like the fact that it's accessible from anywhere in the world, around the clock.

- Beth C. (York, PA)

Our business went from a 1-store location to 2 stores, thanks to PoodlePay!

- Albert B. (Birmingham, AL)

I'm stumped. I don't understand why my company hasn't switched to a software like this until 2016. This makes life so much easier.

- Pavel K. (Miami, FL)

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PoodlePay! Point-Of-Sale System - Single-Store Business License - 1 Year

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If we are unable to fix your problem within 1 business day, we will refund your purchase price 100%, no questions asked.

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PoodlePay! Point-Of-Sale System - Single-Store Business License - 3 Year


  • Do I have to download anything on my computer? 

          No. PoodlePay! is a web app that works from inside your browser. 


  • Do I need to have my own hosting for this software to work?

          No. PoodlePay! is a cloud-based software, which means we host it for you.


  • Do I need to configure anything to get access to this software? 

          No. After you purchase, you will be asked to enter your desired username and password, and you’ll get immediate access to PoodlePay! 


  • Do I need to know accounting to use this software? 

          No. PoodlePay! is very user-friendly. Those who have no book-keeping experience find it very intuitive. If you have any issues, our support team will answer all your questions.


  • Is training provided? 

          Yes. A video series and a quick-start PDF guide will walk you through the first steps, so you can get your business up and running with PoodlePay! in under 5 minutes.


  • Do you provide customer support? 

          Yes. Our in-house team responds to all customer inquiries within 24 hours. 


  • Can I resell access to the PoodlePay! software?

          Yes, but you must first purchase the offer on this page, then purchase the upgrade package #1 (currently priced at $67/yr, or $97/3 yrs). We offer this reseller opportunity as a One Time Offer. This upgrade will allow you to resell up to 100 single-store licenses. You will keep 100% of the profits that you make. We’ll even take care of customer support for you. Note: You must purchase the single-store license first in order to unlock this special discount-price OTO. 


  • Can I get the source code to the PoodlePay! software? 

          Yes, but you must first purchase the offer on this page, then purchase the upgrade package #2 (currently priced at $197, one time fee). We offer this white label developer rights opportunity as a One Time Offer. This upgrade will allow you to get unrestricted access to the source code, with full permissions to rebrand/rename/resell this software as your own, as if you created it. You will keep 100% of the profits that you make. Note: You must purchase the single-store license first in order to unlock this special discount-price OTO, and you will be responsible for your own customer support once you re-brand this software & sell it as your own.


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